PSA: Disney Plus Launch Delayed In Australia

PSA: Disney Plus Launch Delayed In Australia
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If you were planning to join Disney+ today to watch the new Star Wars saga The Mandalorian, we have some bad news for you. Australia isn’t actually getting the service today. Unfortunately, Aussie Star Wars fans are being forced to wait a little longer. Here are the details.

Why is Disney Plus delayed in Australia?

As originally reported on Gizmodo, Australia has been excluded from the initial Disney+ launch. (This delay had been implemented from the beginning.)

Only the US, Canada and the Netherlands will be receiving access on November 12. The good news is that Aussies don’t need to wait too long.

When does Disney Plus launch in Australia?

Disney+ is set to launch in Australia (and New Zealand) on Tuesday, November 19. For the numerically challenged, that’s just seven days from now.

How much does Disney Plus cost in Australia?

Disney+ will set you back $8.99 per month, which is decidedly cheaper than Netflix, Foxtel or Stan. There’s no “premium” tier either – the base plan grants you access to 4K video, HDR and four concurrent streams. You can also sign up for an annual subscription which costs $89 – a saving of around $1.50 per month.

Disney Plus Australian library

Here’s the Disney Plus content lineup in the US, which should hopefully be similar to Australia. You can find out more about the service via our in-depth guide.

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      • I disagree, it is 2019 and the globe is more connected than ever. If somebody watches something on the other side of the world it is not hard to have this spoiled numerous times within 24 hours let alone 1 week. Of course you can self impose an internet ban to remain spoiler free but again it is 2019 and that’s just the state of play now. Are spoilers the end of the world? of course not but if Disney would prefer people pay rather than torrent they should coordinate their global launches better.

  • The first question you raised – “Why is Disney Plus delayed in Australia?” – you haven’t actually answered it. It’s delayed because… it’s delayed.

    Why is Disney Plus delayed in Australia?

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