Octopuses Don't Have Tentacles

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Entomology student Dalton Ludwick once asked scientists on Twitter: If you could have the entire world know something about your field of study, what would it be? The hashtag #MyOneScienceTweet was born, and it was glorious.

Birds are dinosaurs, but pterosaurs aren't. Mind blown, right? Here's the one about octopuses:

There are important science facts about people, too:

And physics:

And everything else:

For more excellent science facts you should stash away in your brain right this instant, visit #MyOneScienceTweet on twitter. You're welcome.

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    The world sure is amazingly interesting! How could one ever get bored?!

    Althought im not a scientist.

    Weather =/= Climate.

    It being cold one day does not disprove global warming.
    Just like me eating a meal at night does not mean global hunger has ended.

    people did live to their 70s, 80s, 90s in the distant archaeological past; just not as many as today

    Heck just look at Noah, he lived to be 950!

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