How To Knee Men In The Groin


The groin, as you all know, is one of the most sensitive areas of the body — and, therefore, one of the best areas to target in self-defence. How you execute that groin attack, however, can make all the difference.

YouTube channel Modern Combat and Survival points out that trying to kick the groin from far away might not be the best idea, since it gives the other person more time to detect and deflect your move (and you might get inadvertently head-butted in the process). Instead, use the groin attack as your follow-up or secondary attack, and use your knee instead of a kick for more force.

Here’s the video:

If that’s not enough groin attack footage for you, here’s 100 ways to attack the groin.

Self Defence Groin Kick Secret [YouTube]


  • So I’ll assume in the spirit of equality your next article will be something along the lines of “Most effective way to disable a woman”. Seeing as this self defence technique is only targeted at half the population.

  • The easy counter to a groin strike, is to simply rock the hips forward. This brings the buttocks forward, cushioning the blow. It also allows you to grip the attackers leg with your thighs, keeping them off balance. And close.
    Time to practise that headbutt.

    Wrenching anyone around by the head/neck is a great way to damage/kill someone and potentially end up in prison, so unless you’re in a dire situation, don’t go fooling around with it.

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