How To Start A Podcast: Preparing For Your First Episode

Starting a podcast may sound easy, given the amount of bad advice out there. You’ll often hear phrases like “low barrier to entry” or “be yourself.” In reality, podcasting (like anything creative) is a lot of work.

In the video above, I go in-depth on my checklist of the five things you should do before you even release a single episode of your podcast. I constructed the checklist through my own experience as a podcast producer as well as through interviews with experts across the industry (see below).

This video is part of our new series on podcasting, offering up no-bullshit advice to help you become the best podcaster you can be. The next video will cover more technical topics like microphone placement, editing and mixing audio, and hosting platforms.

The experts in this video, in order of appearance:

The resources mentioned in this video, in order of appearance:

For those of you who prefer to read, we also have a comprehensive write-up on how to start your own podcast.

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