Zip Together Two Freezer Bags To Make One Large One

Freezer bags are great for storing all kinds of things. This week I discovered something new about them: You can zip two of them together.

Buzzfeed pointed the idea out in a post this week, along with a number of other great ideas, many of which we’ve covered over the years.

The way it works is super simple: Just place a larger item in one bag, and then flip the second one inside out. In doing so, you’ll give yourself the ability to zip the two bags together, essentially making one massive ziplock bag.

Obviously your frankenbag is going to be a bit less structurally sound than a single ziplock bag will be on its own, and depending on what you’re putting in it might be a bit problematic to both seal and open.

That said, if you need a bit of extra space in that freezer bag for a larger piece of meat or for another item (the original Reddit poster sealed a computer keyboard), then it can be great to know that sealing two together in an option.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Here’s How You Fill A Freezer Bag With Liquid” excerpt=”Laying food flat in a freezer bag is a great way to ensure it freezes evenly and with minimal damage. Getting liquidy foods into a yielding plastic sack, on the other hand, presents quite a challenge.”]


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