Yes, McDonald’s Is Open This Long Weekend

“Is McDonald’s open on Labour Day?” If you’ve been pondering this question, we won’t judge you – sometimes you just need to skip the traditional backyard barbecue and tuck into a Big Mac instead.

The good news is that most McDonald’s outlets in NSW, the ACT and South Australia will indeed be open this Labor Day. Hurrah! Here are the details.

Sometimes a quick ‘n’ easy Maccas meal is just what you need on a public holiday. Happily, we can confirm that most Macca’s restaurants will indeed be open on October 7, 2019.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”PSA: Always Ask For Fresh McDonald’s Fries” excerpt=”There’s nothing quite like McDonald’s French fries straight from the fryer – they’re moist-yet-crunchy, deliciously fresh tasting and almost too hot to eat. The same can’t be said of older batches. To put it bluntly, they taste like cheap, soggy cardboard with some salt sprinkled on top. If you’re unlucky enough to order at the wrong time, this can seriously impact your enjoyment of the meal.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get a fresh batch of McDonald’s fries every single time – and you don’t need to employ wily subterfuge or menu ‘hacks’ to get it. Instead, just ask at the counter.”]

Here’s the official statement from Ronald himself (well, one of his representatives anyway.)

The vast majority of our restaurants trade as usual during the Long Weekend, with the exception of those that are situated within shopping centres.

Closing times vary depending on location, but you can expect normal trading hours from your local outlet.

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