What Tricks Do You Have For Learning A New Language?

A bunch of Lifehacker staffers are planning international travel this year, and we want to know how you learn a new language quickly. There are so many different methods out there, but no real hacks beyond working hard and applying yourself.

Well maybe we don't have time for that! What if you're planning on learning the entire French language for a spontaneous trip next month? What if work throws you a curveball and tells you they're sending you to live in Japan for a few weeks? Sometimes you just need some quick and dirty lessons to get by.

So do you label everything in your house with the Danish word for it? Do you change Facebook to Japanese? Or practice Spanish in the office with a friend? There's plenty of apps out there for the budding linguist, but which is the best one, or the one you've used the most?

Comment below to let us know what's been most helpful for you in learning a new language. We know there are so many apps out there " do you use them at specific times every day? Has a traditional academic curriculum helped you more? Are there tips for how you make your flash cards?