The Best Features In Todoist’s New ‘Foundations’ Update

One of our favourite to-do apps—the appropriately named Todoist—is getting a big upgrade today. You’ll see it start rolling out within the next 24 hours or so, and all the new features that make Todoist even easier to use are worth waiting to try out.

According to Todoist, all of these features are arriving for all versions of the service — paid and premium. That’s great news for those who are still dipping their toes in the waters of task management and would rather not pony up $4/mo for Todoist Premium.

New Todoist sections

You’ll now be able to add separate “sections” to projects you’re working on, which then allows you to better organise the various tasks within a project. Sure, you could always get creative with indenting, labels, and priorities to sort your various tasks, but these dedication sections make it infinitely easier.

Say hello to ‘Task View’

Todoist now has a dedicated “Task View” that you can use to get a better handle on the many things you’ve told yourself that you have to accomplish. You’ll be able to edit all the regular details of tasks from this dedicated view—due dates, priorities, and comments—and a new dedicated subtasks tab makes it even easier to track the minute details of that which you need to get done.

New iOS and Android tricks for adding tasks more quickly

If you use the Todoist app on iOS or Android, you now have a few more tricks for adding tasks to your robust to-do lists. Todoist has redesigned its “quick add” option, which now gives you the option to add reminders for tasks directly from the interface. You can also drag the big red “Add” button anywhere on your list of tasks—or as a subtask of an existing task—to drop in a new item right there. This only works on iOS for now, but Android support for the feature is in the works.

Stop hunting down shared labels

This one’s a tiny tweak, but it’s useful. Now, whenever you’re using a label that you’ve shared with others—like your work buddies—these labels will appear in their own separate “Shared” section under your labels drop-down menu. This will help you more easily separate tasks that others need to know about versus tasks only you likely care about.


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