Take A Picture Of Your Dough Before Resting

When it comes to baking, a good recipe can only do so much. There is an unavoidable learning curve, with visual and tactile cues you have to see and feel for yourself. This makes some would-be bakers nervous, but snapping a quick pic can help ease your worried mind.

“Let rise until doubled in volume” or some variation of that phrase is ubiquitous in bread (and other yeasted dough) recipes, but that visual comparison can be hard to make, especially when your baseline has been lost to the never-ending march of time.

But this problem has an easy solution: just snap a “before” pic, then use it to compare to your risen dough. Having a visual aid tells your anxious brain “don’t worry, you aren’t making this up—the dough really has changed in respect to both shape and volume,” making the kind of stressful process of bread making slightly less stressful.

Sometimes the best hacks in life arw also the simplest.


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