Reminder: Daylight Saving Starts This Weekend

Reminder: Daylight Saving Starts This Weekend
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The first Sunday of October is when Daylight Savings begins in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT. Here’s when to reset your clock (and which way to move it.)

When does Australian Daylight Saving Time start?

Australian Daylight Saving Time officially starts at 2am on 6 October AEST. For those who forget how this works, you need to move your clock forward an hour. Unfortunately, this means we all miss out on an hour of sleep. (But hey, at least it’s the weekend.)

If you have trouble remembering which way to set your clock, commit the following saying to memory:

“You ‘Spring’ forward, then you ‘Fall’ back.”

In other words, you move the clock forward one hour in the Spring and move it back one hour during the “Fall” (which is what yanks call Autumn.) We realise it’s technically possible to spring backwards and fall forwards too, but let’s not overthink things, okay?

All of your connected devices should reset their clocks automatically, but it’s worth double checking – especially if you have an international trip scheduled. In short, don’t miss your flight because Google forgot to adjust your phone’s clock!


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