PSA: There’s A Hack To Get 25% Off Any McDonald’s Order

There’s been a few whispers around the internet grapevine suggesting customers who use McDonald’s MyMacca’s app have been receiving 25 per cent off orders – and there’s a trick to get the offer every time. We tested it out and it worked for us. Mmm, we’re loving it and here’s how you can too.

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OzBargain member Synerg1e first brought the deal to our attention. They allege to have signed up for a MyMacca’s account three times within one week with false details. After waiting around five minutes, they’d received a 25 per cent off deal every time.

I’ve tested it by downloading the app and signing up, as I’d never had an account before, and the offer appeared for me under the My Rewards tab within the McMacca’s app. It took a few minutes to show up.

Lifehacker Australia understands the offer is allegedly randomised and not based on ordering habits or location.

If you’re buying for the whole family (or are partial to McDonald’s pricier burgers), this is a pretty great hack to have. A $40 order works out to $30, for example – a not insubstantial saving of $10. If you buy the fam Macca’s once a week, that’s $520 off per year.

You will need to sign up for email alerts in order to create an account. To use the app, you’ll have to turn on your location settings. But for 25 per cent off, I can sacrifice that.

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