Netflix Australia Is Raising Its Prices (Again)

Netflix Australia Is Raising Its Prices (Again)
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Netflix Australia has announced an increase to its pricing, effective immediately. The price hike affects new and existing customers on Netflix’s premium plan who will now be slugged an extra $2 per month. Here are the details (and why we think it’s a terrible decision.)

Netflix is fast becoming one of the priciest streaming entertainment services in Australia. Following today’s price hike, here’s how much the monthly plans now costs:

    Basic: $9.99 [clear] Standard: $13.99 [clear] Premium: $19.99 (previously $17.99)

For those unfamiliar with Netflix’s plan pricing, a Premium subscription is the only way to get 4K content, which makes it a popular option for people with fast internet and 4K TVs. It also provides four simultaneous streams. Customers on Standard and Basic plans have been spared a price hike (for now.)

For context, here’s how much Australia’s other streaming services charge for their plans:

Australian streaming service pricing

Stan Foxtel Now Amazon Prime Disney+ Apple TV+ Hayu 10 All Access YouTube Premium
$10 – $17 $25 – $104 $6.99 $8.99 $7.99 $6.99 $9.99 $14.99

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The last time Netflix Australia increased its prices was back in 2017 which saw monthly subscriptions go up by as much as 20 per cent. So its fair to say prices aren’t just keeping up with inflation.

In justifying the increase, a Netflix Australia spokesperson who spoke to cited the company’s investment in popular shows like The Politician, Unbelievable, Stranger Things, The Good Place and The Crown (none of which are Australian, funnily enough.)

We think this is a bad decision from Netflix. Very soon, it will be competing with rival streaming services from Disney and Apple; both of which are priced significantly lower than Netflix.

Disney Plus is especially compelling – it will be offering HDR, 4K streaming and four simultaneous streams for $8.99 per month. That’s less than half the price of Netflix’s equivalent plan due to the new price hike.

Of course, Netflix will remain the only place where you can watch its original programming. But very soon, shows like Stranger Things will be competing against new series set in the Star Wars universe. Hmm.

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  • Just use a VPN to change your payment details.
    It’s a once off process – you don’t need to use the vpn when using netflix.
    Switch to somewhere like Turkey (there are guides online that show the cheapest counties to use), go into netflix and update your payment details and from then on you will be charged in that local currency at their cheaper rate. Best to use a credit card that doesnt have international fees, but even with them still works out much cheaper.

    • Mucking about with VPNs is too hard – and then if the payments are hijacked or whatever, you’ve got a world of pain.
      The thing is, Disney destroys everything it touches, so no viewing in this household. Prime comes with free shipping on Amazon, plus great B-movies as well as some good main content.
      Netflix has all the foreign shows I want to watch (not enough of them!) from all over the world – Korea, Turkey, Japan, China, Scandinavia, Europe… so I’ll pay a bit more, even though they made a boring flop out of the dark crystal – how I will forgive them, I’ll never know.
      Apple, I haven’t looked at, because they make everything so hard when you forget passwords etc, on my phone and i-pad. I am looking to go another phone, and have stopped using the i-pad, as you can’t just ‘print’ and ‘transfer’ without a whole lot of dicking about. I can only imagine this product will be in the same ballpark. There’s security, and then there’s frustrating me to the point of gun purchase to visit Apple HQ for a quick massacre. So, Apple, no thanks.
      Stan I like, but it has the same problem as Netflix in that it takes WAAY too long for all of a series to be up. I will often devour a whole season of a series in one night. Quite frankly, I expect the next season to be there if it’s been aired. Often left up in nowhere land with that. Get your licensing/rights people a coffee – they need it – don’t start what you can’t finish. I lose interest altogether if kept waiting too long.
      I was honestly pondering just dumping the 3 we have Stan – Prime -Netflix, just because their aren’t enough cerebral shows, airing often enough. They’re there but then what? We are all-night telly watchers, and that’s a lot of tv. And then we get a lot of reality tv crap – it’s like the world’s dumping ground.

      • VPNs aren’t hard in the slightest – you literally click one button, either via their program/app or just via the web browser.
        You also only need to do it just once when updating your payment details.

  • Downgraded to HD plan. Ta for the heads up.

    I considered the above suggestion for changing countries but I consider it important to stay as an Aussie statistic. If there is enough people downgrade they *may* look at revising the pricing.

  • I did this with a US VPN for better Amazon & Netflix content but could never get anything better than 1080p.
    Sadly there are no VPNs that work with Netflix that can carry a 4k stream.

  • Well it’s not entirely their fault. There’s also the tanking Australian dollar to consider.

    In addition to the above VPN suggestion above, you can always share an account with your “family”.

  • “Sir, what are we going to do as the launch of Disney+ inches closer? They are cheaper than us, give more benefits for the cost and have some of the most popular movies and series nowadays!”

    “Hmm how about we raise our prices? Maybe people will think that we are the “luxury” option just for being more expensive!'”

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