How To Preserve A Jack-O’-Lantern

You know what’s scarier than goblins and ghouls? MOULD and MICE living in a gourd on your porch.

While we already went over our favourite tips for carving a pumpkin, getting your orange friend to last well into All Saint’s Day often proves to be a bigger challenge.

In the video above, we show how to keep your jack-o’-lantern moist (by applying petroleum jelly), how to repel mould and pests (by spraying with a bleach solution), and how to revive a shriveled pumpkin (by soaking in water).

BONUS: If you don’t even have time to carve a pumpkin, just slather an uncarved specimen in WD-40. It will create a protective barrier to repel water, stay fresher longer, and be extra shiny. Did I say shiny? I meant SPOOKY!

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