Google Suite Just Got A Big Update (But Only On Android)

Google is making an effort to bring the design across its suite more consistent. Its latest update extends to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides and we gotta say, it’s looking pretty schmick. Here’s what’s different.

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While the functionality won’t be changing, Google is refreshing the look of Docs, Sheets and Slides for Android devices. Some of those changes include a restyled document list, improved typefaces, consistent controls and crisper iconography.

The three Suite features had previously been updated on the web version in January 2019.

Interestingly, Google Drive also received a design refresh in March 2019, which applied to both Android and iOS. It’s unclear if the latest redesigns will also come to iOS users in the near future.

How do I get the new look?

The new look began rolling out on 7 October and will be coming to all G Suite editions. The catch is, you’ll need to be using an Android device to get that slick new feel. If you aren’t seeing the redesign, head to the Play Store to check if you have the latest update; otherwise you may have to wait until it rolls out to your device.

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