24 Cognitive Biases You Need To Stop Making [Infographic]

Cognitive bias occurs when we make subjective assumptions about people or situations based on our own perception of reality. This can lead to irrational decisions and judgement calls that affect those around us. They can alter the way you see everything without you even realising it.

Identifying the problem is the first step towards rational thinking. Here are 24 distinct biases that you need to be aware of – from “declinism” (believing the past was better than the present) to “fundamental attribution error” (judging others on their character but yourself on the situation).

The “Know Thyself” infographic was put together by the talented Jesse Richardson. It breaks down 24 world view-altering biases with brief explanations. There are also a few tips on how to avoid falling into these logic traps yourself.

If you require a constant reminder on how to think rationally, you can download the above graphic in poster form here.

[Via “Know Thyself” infographic ]


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