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Pour one out for Ted tonight, who is one of several movies being unceremoniously dumped from Australian Netflix. Other titles getting the chop include the supernatural thriller What Lies Beneath, the Little Witch Academia anime and the stonking Beatles' documentary It Was Fifty Years Ago Today. Here's the full list.

The following list - which comes courtesy of New On Netflix - consist of movies and TV shows that Netflix pays a licencing fee for. This is by no means an exhaustive list - Netflix has a nasty habit of removing more titles with minimal notice at the end of the month. We'll keep you posted on what else is leaving Netflix in October, but for now, here are the departures you need to mark in your calendar.

We've included the plot details and expiry dates for each movie and TV shows below. Watch them while you still can!

Movies leaving Netflix in October

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! The Beatles: Sgt Pepper And Beyond - Oct 4

Featuring rare archival Beatles footage, this rockumentary explores the making of what would become one of the most iconic albums of all time.

The Savages - Oct 4

Carrying the scars of an abusive childhood, Savage siblings Wendy and Jon now face the challenge of caring for their ailing father.

Ted - Oct 4

A hard-partying, foul-mouthed teddy bear come to life threatens to derail his human companion's attempts to enter adulthood and marry his girlfriend.

Love For Sale - Oct 4

Richard accepts a bet that he can't find a companion to a friend's wedding, not knowing the dating app he's using includes a 45-day contract.

You Laugh But It's True - Oct 4

Fledgling South African funnyman Trevor Noah pushes through an avalanche of doubts and fears while preparing for his first-ever one-man comedy show.

What Lies Beneath - 5 Oct

When Claire Spencer starts hearing ghostly voices and seeing spooky images, her husband tries to reassure her by telling her it's all in her head.

Every Second Counts - 6 Oct

Five athletes prepare for the 2008 CrossFit Games, a grueling two-day trial of extreme events to prove who is the fittest athlete on the planet.

David Blaine: What Is Magic? - 6 Oct

David Blaine travels the country wowing audiences with mind-bending magic tricks, from making cards vanish to catching a speeding bullet in his mouth.

Little Witch Academia (2013) - 8 Oct

Akko's unconventional ideas don't go over well at the Magical Academy, but when a dragon is unleashed, she may be the only witch who can save the day.

Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade - 8 Oct

When Akko and other troubled students at Luna Nova are assigned to manage the annual witch hunt parade, Akko wants to make the event more positive.

TV Shows leaving Netflix in October

    Extreme Apprentices: Slum Survivors - Oct 6 Salvador Martinha - Tip of the Tongue - Oct 6 The Outstanding Woman - 8 Oct Secret Healer (Mirror of The Witch) - 8 Oct The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman - Oct 10 Truth and Power - 13 Oct LEGO: City - 14 Oct Solomon's Perjury - 14 Oct Trees of Life - 14 Oct The American Dream Project - 20 Oct Don't Watch This - 26 Oct The End - 27 Oct Ready for Start - 27 Oct Lost Treasure Hunters - 30 Oct Capture Wild School - 31 Oct Forbidden History - 31 Oct Freddy Heineken - 31 Oct The Girl I Loved - 31 Oct The Wheelchair President - 31 Oct Wild Australia with Ray Mears - 31 Oct Wild North - 31 Oct Wildlife Quest - 31 Oct


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