Create A Makeshift Hotel Humidifier Using A Wet Towel

Last year, Jeff Darcey blew the internet’s collective mind when he shared his hack for keeping the sun out of his hotel room using a clothes hanger.

This past week, Rick Klau, a senior operating partner at GV tweeted the hack again, thanking Darcey for the suggestion (although he forgot it was Darcey that made the original viral tweet). It was a move that prompted a number of people to share their own travel hacks.

It’s a pretty epic list of hacks. One of my favourites, which actually came up a few times in the responses, was to use a wet towel to combat dry air in the room.

Hotel rooms are one place we all tend to crank the AC (or the heat) while we’re there, which can result in some dry air in the room, and potentially a dry throat in the morning.

Several people who responded to Klau’s threat offered a simple solution to the problem: wet a towel and place it near the vent.

One respondent, Jeroen van der Ham suggests putting a wet towel on the drawer on your nightstand to help combat that dry throat in the morning. Another respondent, Aaron B, suggests putting that wet towel instead on the iron board in the room right in front of the room vent.

In either case, you’ll want to make sure to wring out as much water as possible from the towel before placing it bed or vent-side. The goal here isn’t to create a massive wet spot on your floor. Instead, you’re just creating your own portable humidifier of sorts so the air isn’t quite so dry during your stay, ultimately making that stay just a touch more comfortable.


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