10 Lazy DIY Halloween Costumes That Actually Look Amazing

10 Lazy DIY Halloween Costumes That Actually Look Amazing

Like it or loathe it, Halloween has permanently plonked itself on the Aussie calendar and continues to gain mainstream popularity with every passing year. While it’s easy to ignore sprogs knocking on your door, dodging Halloween parties is slightly more difficult; especially if you work in a “zany” office that loves an excuse to dress up.

If you’ve been invited to a Halloween do and have left your costume to the last minute, here are ten impressive looking outfits that don’t require much money or effort.

Droog (A Clockwork Orange)

Death (Sandman)

Death Sandman Marceline from Adventure Time

Son of Man (René Magritte)

Professional athlete

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Miley Cyrus (MTV Music Awards)

Wilson (Home Improvement)

Home Improvement

Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast At Tiffany’s)

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MIB/CIA (Men In Black)

“Sexy” cat

You can find heaps more DIY costume ideas at our sister site POPSUGAR. If anyone has a cool costume suggestion of their own, let fly in the comments section below.

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    • Still not an aussie thing, yet it’s a good excuse to go out with mates, dress up and have fun.

      same logic applies to the queens birthday, no one really cares about the occasion but they enjoy the free day off they get 😛

      • Yeah, these things aren’t brought in to give you an excuse to go out with ‘yer mates… Like you need an excuse for that..! They’re brought to sell you shit you don’t need..! Marketing is the name of the game..! 🙂

        • It’s just a bit of fun in the end, I bought some crappy $5 costume on ebay, friends have all done something similar if not made their own. MY mate last year went as the cable guy from south park, as in he cut 2 holes in his shirt where his nipples were etc… was hilarious to see the pictures the next day. I don’t think anyone really gets sucked into the marketing it’s just an excuse to have fun

    • Halloween doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress up as something “scary”. And I think Australia needs some sort of annual day where you can dress up in costume and have a bit of fun, if Halloween is that thing then so be it.

    • Every Halloween party I’ve ever been to has been filled with every movie character, pop culture icon and historical figure imaginable. It’s not just about spooky outfits anymore.

    • Well if you check your facts it’s derived from All Hallows’ Eve which is something that’s been kicking around Europe for some time with deep cultural and religious roots. So no it’s not an Australian thing (yours being said in the vein of ‘fuck off America’) but it’s not a American thing either.

      We have as much entitlement to it being a Christian based country as anybody else despite the message being completely lost and just being a silly commercial thing now.

      • It’s not derived from All Hallow’s Eve. The Holy Roman Catholic church tried to take over the Celtic holiday of Samhain to make it a Christian one, in the same way they tried to repurpose Christmas (Yuletide), Easter (Eoster), and a few other Pagan holidays.

    • Halloween is about dressing up as whatever.

      Also my Aussie kids hate dressing up and eating candy from all the people in my Australian street who put out balloons to indicate they are doing a non Australian thing.

  • So much hate, so I’m weighing in to say that I love excuses to party, and thought a few of the ideas were original, interesting, and easy.

    But you know, if the haters have better ideas, they should put up or…

  • Out of all the adopted holidays, this is the least harmful, no religious affiliation, and just a good excuse to eat candy and get in a costume.

    And as a father I can also say that kids love it.

    Why not?

  • Found out the other day Halloween is the second biggest event money wise in USA behind Christmas absolutely crazy.

    Also i love it now as it is my son’s birthday (wish i had of call him Damien :P)

  • To those “I hate it because it’s a marketing thing, let’s call it something else” people: What if I told you that it will be marketed TO SHIT no matter WHAT they call it?

  • Halloween will never be significant in Australia. The era when trick-or-treating might have been appropriate is long gone. Though this may be true for the US as well, Halloween is too much a part of their culture for them to abandon it. But here in Australia it does not have that foothold and it’s too late to try to establish it.

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