What’s The Biggest Dick Move In Your City?

What’s The Biggest Dick Move In Your City?
Who nudges into the crosswalk when you’re walkin’ here? (Screenshot: Jerome Hellman Productions)

We’ve talked about the nicest favour that people can do for each other in your city. Now it’s time for the opposite. What’s the biggest way that people in your city ruin things for others?

What are the worst habits of the drivers, the bikers, and the pedestrians in your area? Of the rowdy bar-goers, the pushy commuters, the slack-jawed tourists, the snobby lifers, the zombie-eyed laptop café squatters, the boisterous young, the cranky old, the guillotine-ready rich? And what makes the ones in your city different from all the others?

What’s fine in one town is a dick move in another. What mistakes do people make because they don’t know the rules of your particular city? What are the unwritten rules of your area that keep getting violated? (Like the New York rule illustrated above in Midnight Cowboy: the pedestrian is always right.)

One exception here: While the problem of homelessness may frequently manifest as an inconvenience to you, for the purpose of this post any behaviour of the homeless and very poor is not a “dick move.” We’re confident you will find other more fortunate people to complain about. Thanks for understanding.

On the larger scale, what are the dick moves your local authorities have pulled? What terrible projects did they inflict on the city, Robert Moses style? How have they screwed over the populace? What companies have littered your streets with flyers or scooters or fro-yo chains that shut down after a month?

Most importantly, how do you deal with all these dick moves, besides moving away to some other city with its own dick moves? What petty revenges do you enact? How do you de-escalate? How do you soothe yourself?

Tell us in the comments, and we’ll feature the best ones under the Staff tab.


  • 1. People walking while looking at their mobile phones – pull the f_ck over!
    2. Slow drivers in the fast lane – pull the f_ck over!
    3. Male bicyclists in spandex riding two abreast in the only lane available – pull the f_ck over!
    4. Vegans – Pull your f_cken head in!
    don’t even get me started on Vegan bicyclists looking at their phones while riding slow in the only lane available!

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