Use An Old Pickle Jar To Measure The Perfect Amount Of Brine

Most pickle recipes — even fridge-pickle recipes — are for making many jars of pickles, but if you live in a tiny space, or want many jars of several different types of pickled vegetables, these large-format ratios can be kind of annoying to scale down. But you don’t really need a recipe to make fridge pickles; you just need an old pickle jar.

This idea, which comes to us from our creative producer, Heather, is elegant and ensures you end up with just the right amount of brine. Take your empty jar, and fill it with cucumbers or any other vegetable you wish to pickle. Then — leaving the veg in the jar — fill it with a mixture half vinegar and half water (eyeballing is fine).

Pour the mixture into a sauce pan, and add your sugar and salt. For medium jars, start with a ratio 1/4 cup of sugar and 1 tablespoon of salt, but feel free to adjust that if you like. Add garlic, seasonings, or herbs and bring everything to a boil.

Pour the (perfect amount of) hot liquid back into already filled pickle jar. Let cool on the counter and transfer to the fridge. You can enjoy them as soon as they’re cold, but try to let the flavours develop at least overnight.


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