Turn The Whole Web Dark With These Experimental Chrome Features

Image: Google

Google recently rolled out an official dark mode for Chrome which changes the browser's predominantly white interface to charcoal grey. However, clicking on search results still takes you to the default version of that website - no matter how bright and garish it is.

Fortunately, there's a hidden tool buried in Chrome for Android that auto-switches millions of websites to dark mode. Here's how to enable it.

If you're sick of having your weary eyes (and phone battery) assaulted by predominantly white websites, you're definitely not alone. Google now offers a fix for this common problem via its experimental features page.

To enable the mode, type 'chrome://flags' into the browser's address bar and then tap on 'Search flags'. Then do a word search for "dark". This should present you with two options: 'Android web contents dark mode' and 'Android Chrome UI dark mode'.

The first option automatically detects and enables the dark mode on all compatible third-party applications. (It will even invert the colour scheme on apps that have no dark mode.) Android Chrome UI dark mode, meanwhile, throws a dark skin over the mobile browser interface.

To activate either options, simply press on the 'Default' button and change to 'Enabled' in the drop-down menu. Then choose 'Dark' in the settings menu under 'Themes'. You now have a kick-arse dark mode!

Bear in mind this is still an experimental feature that isn't considered ready for prime time for a reason: Some websites definitely look better than others. Nevertheless, if you want a quick, fix-all solution to this problem it gets the job done well.

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