Three iPhone 11 Killers You Can Buy Right Now

The Apple iPhone 11 has just been announced – and while there’s bound to be a media furore over the coming days about all the new tools and features, there are some phones already on the market that have all this and more. To get the best bang for your buck, we’ve pulled together a short list of iPhone 11 killers that you can buy right now.

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Better Battery: Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The iPhone 11 launch finally revealed the batteries and it seems like they might be pretty lacklustre, considering what’s out there in the market right now. There’s been no announcement about the actual battery size of the entry-level iPhone 11, but the XR from last year packed a 2942 mAh and the XS had a 2659 mAh.

While these are decent-sized batteries, with extra features and smartphones getting more use than ever before, 2019 smartphones are usually well over 3000 now. What we do know about the battery from the announcement is that it’s supposed to last for one hour longer than the iPhone XR.

Take the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, for example, which has a 3500mAH battery and wireless charging. If you opt for the Note 10+, you’ll get a 4300 mAh battery. It’s on a similar level in terms of pricing, starting from $1499, but you’re getting a few more options included in that price and you’ll avoid having a notch.

Here are the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plans you can get right now:




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Better Camera: Huawei P30

Apple’s cameras have always been good but they’ve never been the best in market. The upcoming release is no exception and while it will certainly take crisp photos, the dual lens on the entry level model and triple lens on the Pro and Pro Max are still a little behind, at least on paper. You’ll get two 12MP lenses with Wide and Ultra Wide on the iPhone 11 while the Pro and Pro Max, will have three 12MP lenses; Wide, Ultra Wide and Telephoto. All three will have a 12MP selfie cam.

Now compare those specs to the Huawei P30 and realise how average they sound. The P30, Huawei’s entry-level version of its latest flagship, comes with a 40MP wide lens, a 16MP ultra wide and a 8MP telephoto. Its professional daddy mode, the P30 Pro, ups the ante with the same specs but a 20MP ultra wide lens instead. Both models come with a ridiculous 32MP selfie cam.

The best thing about it all? The P30 and its Pro version are considerably more affordable. The P30 will set you back $949 while the P30 Pro will cost $1299 on Amazon.

Here are the best Huawei P30 Pro plans you can get right now:




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5G-Enabled: Oppo Reno 5G

While the iPhone 11 upgrades most aspects compared with the previous models, it’s still got one glaring absence. The new additions are left without a 5G-enabled option meaning many who want a new iPhone should probably just wait until next year when Apple’s finally ready to tackle a 5G iPhone.

But if what you really want to invest in is a 5G phone, consider the Oppo Reno 5G. It retails for around $1499, which is a tad more than the entry-level iPhone 11 but you’ll get 5G, a 48MP rear camera with a 16MP front-facing one, 256GB storage (with a MicroSD slot if you need more) as well as a huge 4065mAh battery. That’s a lot more than an iPhone will give you at that price.

You’ll save money and you don’t need to wait another year for a more expensive Apple alternative.

Here are the best Oppo Reno 5G plans you can get right now:

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So, if you’re looking at the prices of the iPhone 11 series and wincing, just know it’s not your only option.

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