Here’s Everything You Can’t Do With The Samsung Galaxy Fold

After several false starts, Samsung has finally released the Galaxy Fold in select markets. The folding smartphone has undergone some minor improvements since its initial aborted launch, including a redesigned folding mechanism that’s less prone to breakage. However. it remains worryingly fragile for a flagship smartphone – and that’s according to the company itself.

Everything from coins to credit cards have the potential to ruin the device, warns Samsung. You even have to be careful with your fingernails. Read on for the full list of care instructions.

The new version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold went on sale in America last week for $US1980. (An Australian launch is expected by the end of the year.) It now comes with a sturdier hinge and tougher screen edges, but Samsung is still bundling the device with an extensive list of “care instructions”.

According to US reviewers, here’s the list of warnings that greet you after opening the box:

    Care Instruction:

  • Do not apply “excessive pressure” to the flexible screen or press with anything sharp, including fingernails. (Good thing you don’t operate a phone with fingers.)
  • Keep keys, coins, and cards away from the folded-up Fold, which has a slight gap between the two halves of its screen. (Good thing you never keep such items in pockets.)
  • Do not expose the Fold to liquids or “small particles” that could enter through its exposed hinge. (Is pocket lint “particles”? Unclear.)
  • Keep it away from credit cards, which it might demagnetise.

And here’s the official Samsung video explaining why the Fold “deserves a special level of care”:

While we were initially excited for the device – which is responsible for injecting some much-needed excitement into the smartphone market – we’re beginning to think you might be better off waiting for the Fold 2. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a proper review when it launches over here sometime before Christmas. Watch this space.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Google Android Just Crapped All Over iOS” excerpt=”Yesterdays’ announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold might not have been as well executed as a famous Steve Jobs reveal but it was every bit as revolutionary. In the same way the iPhone and iPad completely changed what we expected from mobile devices, the Samsung Fold is poised to change the tech world. But while the hardware looks incredible, it’s the software I want to focus on. In that brief glimpse, we saw how far iOS has fallen behind Android.”]

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