The Fastest Way To Warm A Chilly Dinner Plate

The Fastest Way To Warm A Chilly Dinner Plate
Photo: Claire Lower

Serving hot food on a cold plate can be a little sad, particularly if that food is prone to cooling off quickly (looking at you, eggs). A lot of fancy restaurants have fancy plate warmers to help elevate your eating experience, but it’s unlikely you have the counter space for one of those. Instead, you can quickly heat plates by running them under hot water.

Yes, you can also use your oven, but not all plates are oven safe, and heating plates in the oven means there’s no space to heat food in the oven. (You also have to remember to put them in the oven ahead of time, which I am not always capable of.)

Instead, turn your sink on as hot as it will go, run the plate under the hot water, dry the warmed plate, and serve your food. Your meal will be just a little more luxurious.


  • Two hacks I use are:-

    Use the kettle water to fill cups plates ext, or pour a little hot water off the veggies then quickly drip dry.

    For me it takes too long to get hot water into the tap.

  • Just stick it in the microwave for 40 seconds – 1 minute!

    I do this every time I buzz up the Uber eats guy. By the time he’s at my door my plate is nice and warm.

    Running under water means I gotta stand there while the water heats up, ensure the plate is warm enough and then dry it. If it’s not warm would have to start over again.

    The microwave is the answer here.

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