The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)
Image: Google

Android 10 has finally launched for Pixel owners around the world with other Android users getting their turn later this year. To help you sift through all the changes, here are the top ten highlights, according to its own maker, Google.

Dark Mode

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

Dark Mode is being introduced on Android 10 and you’ll be able to opt to select to use it phone-wide or on specific apps. To enable it, just swipe down and chuck on battery saving mode. Otherwise, head to Settings (via the pull-down menu), hit Display and select Theme.

Live Caption

You’ll now be able to automatically caption videos, podcasts and audio messages using machine learning. To do so, press one of volume buttons, click the volume prompt on the display and then select the caption icon. You can move those captions around the display until they fit nicely in with whatever you’re watching or listening to.

It won’t save those transcriptions though yet, which seems like an oversight, so if you’re looking to quickly write up your voice recordings, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Smart Reply

The Smart Reply feature allows you to open relevant apps in relation to a message you’ve just been sent. For example, your friends wants to grab dinner somewhere specific, Smart Reply will offer you the option to open Google Maps to figure out where it’s located or to respond with a thumbs up or polite decline.

Gesture Navigation

While you won’t be able to wave at your phone to make it close an app just yet, Google has introduced new gesture navigation to swipe around all your apps. You’ll now be able to pull up the homescreen and swipe up to see your open apps while swiping in certain directions will allow you to go back a page.

Focus Mode

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

In a time where our whole lives are basically online, Focus Mode, now in beta, will aim to quieten down the digital noise. You’ll be able to select certain apps to silencio for a moment while you work toward a deadline or on a brain-straining activity. You can opt in certain apps and leave others with permission to bug you.

Faster Security Updates

Android 10 now introduces security updates straight to your phone rather than waiting for a full OS update. This means your device can avoid being susceptible while you wait up to weeks for a fix.

Location Data Alerts

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

You’ll now be able to choose when apps can use your location data whether it’s all the time, while you use the app or never. If app’s are using your location data while not in use, you’ll also get alerted.

Family Link

Family Link will introduce the option to set app time limits on family accounts so you can stop your kids, or mum, from using an addictive app too much. You’ll also be given an overview of which apps they’re using most and whether you’d like to lock any right then and there.

New Emoji

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

As with any good update, there are new emoji on the way. Android 10 will deliver 65 new emoji, including “gender-inclusive designs for emoji like haircut, weightlifting and sauna.”

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

Sound Amplifier

The 10 Best Features In Android 10 (According To Google)Image: Google

While noise cancelling headphones are great for getting clearer sound at safer noise levels, Android 10 is always offering Sound Amplifier to take it a step further. You’ll now be able to boost sounds, isolate and filter out background noise and a ‘fine tune’ feature.

It’s available as a separate app on the Google Play store.

” excerpt=”Android 10 — formerly Android Q — is starting to roll out to compatible handsets. Whether you have it or are waiting to get it, here are all the major features and changes worth knowing about.”]


  • As with every os update, be waiting a little while due to something getting screwed up. Usually always bluetooth or sound and fix comes in next patch. Not many things that have me excited with the update besides dark mode but am in love with that sloth emoji.

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