Tell Us Your Kids’ Creepy Ghost Stories

Tell Us Your Kids’ Creepy Ghost Stories

Once, when my son was about 4 or 5 years old, I was telling him how proud I was of him for something, and how lucky I was to be his mum.

“That’s because I chose you,” he said. “I thinked about all the mommies in the world, and then I thinked about you, and I picked you.”

Which, of course, means he was either looking for a sweet thing to say back to me or he was giving me a glimpse into how things work in the afterlife.

Kids have a matter-of-fact way of talking about (or to) people we can’t see and recalling experiences they couldn’t possibly have had. Are they displaying their wonderful imaginations? Or is it … more?

Either way, their stories are fascinating, which is probably why a tweet that started as a simple, “My kid just said the weirdest thing” story quickly turned into a thread of parents sharing their kids’ ghost sightings and reincarnation tales.

Other Twitter users chimed in with their own creepy stories, including:

  • A 4-year-old who told his mum that he used to sell newspapers in front of the Capitol Building to save up money for glasses.

  • A little girl who recognised her father’s new office building as her old school from the 1890s.

  • Countless kids who reported conversations with grandparents and great-grandparents they’ve never met.

BuzzFeed curated 19 of the creepiest (or most awesome, depending on your perspective) stories from the thread, which are worth a read.

But we can’t get enough of them, so we want to hear your kid ghost/reincarnation stories. Share in the comments below!