Store Tomato Paste The Alton Brown Way

I have not been watching the American Food Network’s Good Eats reboot, but Joel has, and this morning he shared a very good tip from the most recent episode, Hittin’ the Sauce II:

In his new episode this week, he suggested to freeze a can of tomato paste, then slice off tablespoons as needed, and keep it in the freezer so it doesn’t go bad.

If you buy paste in a tube, this may not be that exciting for you, but if your favourite brand comes in a can, this is the kind of pasta paradigm shift you might be looking for. According to Joel who, again, watched the episode but could not find a video for me to watch, you “freeze the whole can, remove the top and bottom and push out the frozen paste like a push pop, and slice off what you need. Then just leave the can in a freezer bag and return to the freezer.” It is simple. It is elegant. It is a good way to store tomato paste.


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