PSA: The ‘Google Go’ App Is Even Better Now

PSA: The ‘Google Go’ App Is Even Better Now
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If you haven’t used Google Go before – AKA the world’s lightest, smartest mobile search engine – you’re missing out. Since launching on the Google Play store, the app has been installed more than 100 million times… and it just released a juicy update. Here are the details!

Google Go is essentially a ‘weightless’ 7MB version of the world’s most popular online search engine. While originally designed for entry-level phones in developing markets, it has swiftly become a hit with Android users everywhere. 100m+ users can’t be wrong!

Here’s the full breakdown of features that come with the latest version of the app, as explained on Google’s product page:

Google Go is a lighter, faster way to search, with search results optimised to save up to 40% data. Get answers quickly and reliably with Google Go, even on slow connections and smartphones with low space. At 7MB in size, it’s fast to download and saves space on your phone.

    Type less, discover more: Save time by tapping your way through trending queries and topics, or by using your voice to say what you’re looking for.

    Make Google read it: Point your camera at text or listen to any web page. Words are highlighted as they are read, so you can easily follow along.

    Search and translate with your camera: See a word you don’t understand on a sign, form, or product? With Google Lens, just point your camera to translate or search for it.

    Everything you need in one app: Easily and quickly access your favorite apps and websites, as well as images, videos and information on the things you care about – all from Google Go.

    Don’t miss out on what’s popular and trending: Explore the latest trending topics just by tapping Search.

    Find the perfect greetings to share with loved ones: Tap on “Images” or “GIFs” to find the best photos and animated greetings to liven up your chats.

    Easily switch between languages: Set a second language to switch your search results to or from at any time.

You don’t need to be using a cheap, old Android phone to find Google Go beneficial. The app’s diminutive size and ultra-low data demands make it a worthy addition to anyone’s browser library. Google reckons it will save you around 40 per cent of your data compared to using the big boi version. How good is that?

As an added bonus, Google Go will automatically retrieve your search results and/or web page progress whenever you lose connectivity. This makes it especially handy during work commutes and trips abroad when internet becomes patchy.

In short, it provides all of the Google ‘meat’ – including voice search, trending news and Google Lens access – but everything is delivered much quicker. In fact, the only major omission is tabbed browsing; a necessary cut to keep the processing demands down.

If you require a streamlined, bloat-free browser without any extra gimmicks, this is the app to get. Click here to download it on Android.

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