MyRepublic Just Smashed NBN 100 Plans To $79.95!

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Most of us would love to have faster internet, but baulk at the exorbitant pricing. MyRepublic may have just found the sweet spot. For a limited time, it’s offering NBN 100 plans for just $79.95 per month – with a slight catch. Here are the details.

NBN 100 is currently the highest speed tier offered by Australian telcos. These plans provide download speeds of up to 100Mbps and uploads of up to 40Mbps, although results differ depending on the provider, your location and the time of day. In any event, you’re guaranteed a much faster connection than what’s possible on an NBN 25 or NBN 50 plan.

MyRepublic’s NBN 100 offering promises typical evening speeds of 83Mbps. That’s easily twice as fast as the average NBN 50 plan. It comes with unlimited data, unlimited local and national calls via the bundled phone line and an optional AC1600 Modem for $119. (You can also supply your own.)

Here’s what comes with the plan. (Click on the interactive table below to learn more.)

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Australia’s Best NBN Plans, Ranked By Speed [Updated]” excerpt=”When it comes to the NBN, we know that plans and providers are not all equal. Despite standard speed tiers, in-home performance can vary a lot, especially during the evening peak times.”]

To get the aforementioned $79.95 pricing, you need to choose the 12-month plan and sign up through the WhistleOut link above. As noted above, the introductory price ends after the first six months, whereupon customers pay $89.95. When you tally everything together, this works out to a minimum spend of $1019, or an impressive $85 a month.

By contrast, most NBN 100 plans are $90 and over. For example, customers on MyRepublic’s standard NBN 100 plan pay up to $99.95 a month for the same speeds and inclusions. So you’re definitely getting a good deal even after the price changes six months into your contract.

Here’s how the plan compares to other NBN 100 offerings. Click through to each website to see the average speeds.

As mentioned, this deal is only being offered for a limited time, so if you’re keen for fast, cheap internet we suggest moving quickly.


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