Leaked Google Pixel 4 Video Reveals Basically Everything

Leaked Google Pixel 4 Video Reveals Basically Everything
Image: Anhem TV

This week has been all about the iPhone 11 – but that changes today. In an apparent bid to steal Apple’s limelight, a hands-on video of the Google Pixel 4 has leaked online. It shows everything about the new phone. And we mean everything. Here is the video.

Google’s Pixel 4 launch isn’t expected for at least a month, but an over eager YouTuber has apparently jumped the gun with a comprehensive hands-on video.

‘Anhem TV’ might not be a household name internationally, but its one of the bigger channels in its native Vietnam where his videos regularly rack up hundreds of thousands of views. This latest video purports to show an early demo version of the white Pixel 4 in glorious high definition.

Report: Google Pixel 4 Specs Have Been Leaked

While we have a pretty good idea of what the Google Pixel 4 will look like, thanks to a tweet from Google itself, it's still a bit murky about what it might run like. Thanks to new leaks, we now know a bit more about what's in the trunk, other than a return of the air gestures, so let's get into it.

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If this is a fake, it’s an exceptionally well made one. The specs, features and appearance all align exactly with prior hardware leaks, including the ‘camera bump’, ultra-thick top bezel and orange power button. You can clearly see the Project Soli motion-sensor too.

Here is the video. (It’s in Vietnamese, but you can switch on the subtitles for an English translation.)

Incidentally, if you’re wondering how some guy in Vietnam got hold of a Pixel 4, there are a few credible explanations.

Phone manufacturers regularly send out early review units to trusted bloggers and influencers so they have time to produce content. Anhem TV may have flagrantly broken the terms of the NDA. However, this is evidently an early demo version of the Pixel 4, so we can probably rule that explanation out.

Google is reportedly in the process of shifting Pixel hardware production to a new plant in Vietnam. While this is not thought to involve the Pixel 4, it’s possible prototypes were sent to the factory for testing and whatnot.

Or maybe – maybe – the whole thing was orchestrated by Google to keep some buzz on the Pixel during iPhone week. (Removes tin-foil hat.)

We’ve got to say, our initial reservations about the phone’s appearance are beginning to dissipate. Yes, the camera bump is a bit of an eyesore and that upper bezel is ridiculous, but the sleek white finish has a certain understated charm. At least it’s not orange.

Google Is Having A Laugh

The Google Pixel 4 is sure to win a bunch of industry awards at the end of the year. Unfortunately, a beauty contest probably won't be one of them. With its single-tone finish and protruding rear camera, it's looking far less attractive than the average flagship smartphone.</p> <p>Just when you thought it was unlikely to get any worse, a new leak has revealed a hideous orange/coral colour scheme. Here are the photos.

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The Google Pixel 4 is expected to launch in October. What are your impressions after watching the video above? Let us know in the comments!


  • Just so calm about it like it got released yesterday. Whether it was on purpose by Google or this guy doesn’t care about NDA’s because of the views he is going to get or got a insider to give him a copy. Google are going to be like in October, Here it is, released next month, the price is so much and you all have a good day.

  • I find it hilarious that lifejackets complaints about the weird looking Pixel 4 camera bump have suddenly evaporated the day after Apple launched a phone that has a very similar camera bump…a total coincidence I’m sure!

    I wish tech sites would focus less on the appearance and more on features, especially when discussing unreleased products.

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