The Weirdest McDonald's Burgers From Around The World

McDonald's has outlets all over the world, so it's pretty hard to escape. But when you're travelling abroad and Macca's is the only nearby food choice, that doesn't mean you have to settle for a Big Mac. Here are ten McDonald's oddities you can pick up from international locations.

McLobster (Canada)

Whenever I think Golden Arches (that's probably tm), I tend to think of having a nice lobster meal. No.. wait... what?

Georgie Pie: Chicken 'N' Vegetable Pie (New Zealand)

Likewise, whenever you think Maccas, you probably don't think of pies. Maccas in New Zealand sells two varieties, either in Chicken and Vegetable or Mince 'N Cheese varieties.

McAloo Tikki (India)

Maccas is a company that sells hamburgers, so what do you do in a country where cows are largely sacred rather than savoured? You get interesting items like the McAloo Tikki, a potato and pea patty served inbetween two buns instead.

McGazpacho (Spain)

I'm sorry, Maccas. I can't think of Gazpacho without thinking of Red Dwarf. That aside, this is a curiously non-Maccas branded menu item, suggesting it's much more of a local brand that Maccas sells rather than its own menu item. Souper!

Le Croque McDo (France)

You'll no doubt be thrilled to know that in France, they do indeed call the Big Mac "Le Big Mac". Less thrilling looking is the McDonald's take on a croque monsieur. My stomach says "Non".

Teriyaki Mac (Japan)

It's not going to be going too far out on a limb here to say that if you are in Japan, it's not going to be too hard to find some genuine Teriyaki fare. But if Maccas is your only choice, the Teriyaki Mac combines a pork patty with Teriyaki sauce for the Maccas take on the concept.

McArabia Chicken (Saudi Arabia)

As the name suggests, this is an Arabic menu item offered (for example) in Saudi Arabia, combining two grilled chicken patties in arabic bread. Also, the menu suggests that it's "lovingly folded". The mind boggles.

Corn Cup (South Africa)

Almost certainly the most healthy menu item we could find, and yet somehow the photography still manages to make the Corn look like it's made out of LEGO.

Mai Fun secret chicken rice (China)

McDonald's China offers a number of straight rice dishes, alongside its regular hamburger assortment. Although it was somewhat worrying to note that McDonald's Japan had a note on its site stating that it no longer sourced chicken from China for its burgers, so it might be wise to steer clear of the chicken dishes on second thoughts.

McCroissant (Poland)

You might think that a McCroissant would be a French invention, but it seems not. Then again, the McCroissant looks like a Croissant which is violently puking cheese and ham, so it's quite feasible that the French ran it so far out of town that it somehow ended up in Poland.

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    McArabia Chicken (Germany)

    this is an Arabic menu item offered (for example) in Saudi Arabia


      After a while, everything McMerges. That's my excuse, and I'm McSticking to it.

    The Teriyaki Burger is awesome, but the Teritama Burger (Teriyaki Burger with fried egg) is even better! Unfortunately, it's only available for a limited time in Spring. The Shrimp Burger is also another good one.

    Mai Fun Secret Chicken......secret is that its not chicken.

    You forgot the McKROKET

      "Typical McDonald's croquette sandwich with stew, chunks of pure beef and mustard sauce."

    McCroissant looks good.

    Big Mac with quarter pounder patties instead of the normal patties = awesome burger.

    Where is Jager- is he out sourcing, sampling, 'truthing' or comparing other chains delights- no offense here Alex

      None taken. I'm all for the idea of getting one of each of these for Chris, and a blender...

    Odd they don't sell those pies here. Seems like a pretty Aussie thing to have on the menu.

      The Steak Mince 'N Cheese variety is being trialled here

    The only one I've wanted to try is the McGriddle. And I'm surprised we can't get it here, especially considering it's available in the US, Canada & even New Zealand. It's like the McMuffin, only the buns are more like waffles with maple syrup cooked into it....hmmm waffles.

      They were sold here as a promotional item a few years ago. Wasn't a fan of it with the bacon/sausage & egg but I loved them plain and had plenty!

    yeah, somebody else mentioned it, but the maccas on the freeway near me is selling the mince and cheese pies. They sell out damn fast too!

    In South Korea MacDonalds has the Bulgogi Burger which is awesome.

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