How To Keep Track When You’re Working More Than One Job At A Time

How To Keep Track When You’re Working More Than One Job At A Time

Like Rhianna says, we all have to ‘werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk’ – it’s just that some of us have to work a few more jobs than others.

Freelancers and side-hustlers know what I’m on about. Work-life is busy for most people, but it’s especially hard to keep track when you have it coming out your ears from a whole bunch of different places.

You could just throw your computer out the window and retire to the beach somewhere until your money runs out. Or, in a more practical move, you can organise the heck out of your different jobs so you have some clarity in the chaos. This is how to get started.

How To Keep Track When You’re Working More Than One Job At A Time

Lifehacker has teamed up with to help get your tasks back on track.

#1 Organise your emails

The relief I feel after properly organising my inbox is akin to the feeling of a freshly cleaned room. When everything has a place and is actually where it should be, life is about 10,000 times more peaceful. Just ask Marie Kondo and all the people who went crazy for her cleaning methods.

This is especially important when you have a emails from different jobs hitting your inbox every day. Get them into clearly labeled folders. In fact, have a folder for each project, then a sub-folder for each part of that project. Let me just tell you, it literally saves my life when I’m trying to find something and can’t remember which email it’s in.

#2 Sort out your computer

On that note, sort out your whole computer in the same way. I can’t be the only one who accidentally finds my desktop to be a messy mishmash of all the images and files I’ve downloaded along the way. Next minute, you’re wading through a list as long as your arm just trying to find the correct download.

Folders are, quite honestly, the key. Follow the same method as above and you’ll be laughing.

3. Use a team management tool

Get yourself some help! No, not another human, you’re communicating with enough of them as it is. Download an intuitive and easy to use team management tool like to help you plan, organize and track projects.

Employees and managers can have the exact same view, so you know everyone is on the same page and on track. Goodbye unnecessary, time-wasting meetings we all hate.

Basically, something like this works well for jobs where you’re just working with a partner, to jobs with a workplace of thousands – even if they’re in different timezones.

#4 Schedule downtime

When you’re working multiple jobs, the first thing that seems to go out the window is downtime. Yes, it’s tempting to use a spare moment to get ahead on one of your other jobs, but setting aside time to rejuvenate is so important.

To avoid just working through every day, all day, schedule yourself downtime. Your brain simply can’t be at its best constantly. It needs time to recharge. Burnout is a very real thing, and the only way to avoid it and improve your mood, performance and even general health, is to chill once in a while.

If you’d like to give a go for yourself, you can start a free trial here.

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