How To Find All Of Google’s ‘Friends’ Easter Eggs For The Show’s 25th Anniversary

Friends is turning 25. To celebrate, Google added a ton of Easter Eggs to search centred around the show’s main characters.

To find them, simply search a character of your choice and the word ‘friends.’ For instance, you might search for “Ross Friends” or “Phoebe Friends.” If you remember a character’s full name you can search for that as well.

On the search results page, you’ll want to go to the knowledge panel for the character on the right side of the page. Below their name, there will be an icon. For instance, when you search for “Joey Tribbiani” you’ll see this knowledge panel with a slice of pizza below his name.

Make sure you have your sound on and click on the pizza to make the Easter Egg appear. I won’t spoil it for you, but if you’re a fan of the show they’re all pretty fun.

The trick also works for all of the show’s characters, and each one has its own unique character-based easter egg.

And for the final surprise, a search for “Friends glossary” will bring up a show-specific glossary with memories from the show. You know, in case you forgot what “unfloopy” means over the past 25 years.


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