The Google Pixel 4 Just Leaked All Over The Shop

Google Pixel 4 leaked imagesImage: D Store Mobile / The Verge

If the Pixel 4 were a ship, it would be the Titanic. The Google-branded smartphone has been beset by a copious amount of leaks - and it just hit the equivalent of an iceberg. The latest spill has revealed every major specification, including the camera, battery, display resolution, storage capacity and system information. You don't need to take some spy's word for it either - all the specs are right there on the Pixel 4's screen. Here are the photos.

The Verge was recently sent a cavalcade of Pixel 4 photos by the Vietnamese e-store D Store Mobile. This is the same outfit that recently leaked a prototype model to the YouTube channel Anhem TV. (These new images are apparently of the same test model.)

The pics show off the device from a variety of angles. In terms of appearance, they don't really reveal anything new. It's the same camera-stacked oblong we've seen multiple times already, including from Google itself.

However, when you take a look at what's being shown on the phone's screen, things get a lot more interesting.

In short, they provide out best look yet at the Pixel 4's hardware specifications - from general system settings to the battery size. If the images are genuine, it looks like we'll be getting a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB of RAM, up to 128GB of storage and a 90Hz display. All of these specs have long been rumoured, but now we have proof right there on the Pixel 4 display.

Here are the most revealing images - open them in a separate tab for a closer look at the listed specs. You can see the rest of the leaked images at the link below.

Pixel 4 specs: general + system

D Store Mobile
D Store Mobile

Pixel 4 specs: cameras

D Store Mobile
D Store Mobile

Pixel 4 specs: memory + battery

D Store Mobile
D Store Mobile

For reference, here's how the images above compare to previously leaked specifications:

Rumoured Specs

Pixel 4 Pixel 4 XL
Display 5.7-inch OLED with Full HD+, 90Hz 6.3-inch OLED with Quad HD+, 90Hz
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip
Storage/Memory 64/128 GB 64/128 GB
Battery 2800 mAh 3700 mAh
Camera 12MP with phase-detect auto-focus, 16MP telephoto lens 12MP with phase-detect auto-focus, 16MP telephoto lens

The Pixel 4 range is expected to launch in October. Provided they get the price right, this could be a serious contender.

[Via The Verge]


    It could be an incentive for people to hold off purchasing other devices. That 90Hz is nice but the battery life is disappointing.

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