Eight Signs That You’re Smarter Than The Average Person [Infographic]

Eight Signs That You’re Smarter Than The Average Person [Infographic]

If you really want to find out how smart you are, try taking the Mensa IQ test. (Anything over 109 is considered above average, while less than 90 means you probably don’t read Lifehacker.)

In the meantime, here are eight behaviours and attributes that are often found in highly intelligent people. How many boxes did you tick?

The infographic below comes from Business Insider and is based on a range of scientific sources. Some aren’t particularly surprising (smokers tend to be less intelligent than people who abstain — well, duh), while others may raise an eyebrow (apparently, owning a cat is a sign of above-average intelligence.) You can check out the rest of the attributes below:

Eight Signs That You’re Smarter Than The Average Person [Infographic]

Of course, none of this should be taken as gospel — many of the world’s greatest thinkers were noted chain-smokers while people who own more than ten cats tend to be a few sardines short of the whole tin. Also, lefties are clearly into witchcraft and should be shunned by society. It is known.

If you interested, Business Insider has a followup article that goes into each point in more detail. How many boxes did you tick? Let us know in the comments below.

[Via Business Insider]

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  • Anyone else read this article as eight pieces of evidence that the author is stupider than average?

    Where is:
    You can manipulate abstract concepts.
    You can entertain an idea without accepting it.
    You can identify flaws in logical reasoning.

    • Let’s not get bogged down with facts or anything, we need this horoscope style article to broadly cover 100% of the population into thinking that they’re amazing 🙂

      • You’ve summed it up very cleverly, and with great humour too.
        Someone told life hacker that to expand the audience, you need to diversify. To do this you,

        1. Aim for the lowest common denominator so more people will understand it. Intelligent articles don’t sell as broadly as pulp.
        2. Broaden your target audience. The first easy demographic to broaden to is women (roughly 1/2 the population). You start by telling the new target audience they are victims* and back it up with a stream of carefully crafted articles.
        3. After step 2, you recognise that controversy sells. You introduce clickbait headings and increase sensationalism.

        Before you know it, you’ve significantly increased your audience!

        * Life Hacker has started down the ‘include’ path (eg. Talking about vaginas along side of penises, etc) rather than the ‘exclude’ path of news.com.au ‘we condone violence against women but not men’. This non-prejudiced path is a harder path to walk. But, it looks like LH is following the flock. Being prejudiced is easier and based on Alexia rankings, the more prejudiced and pulpy, the higher the traffic.

        • Well, you’re here champ, so clearly number 1 has been successful for a while.

          And wow, the blatant misogyny suggesting that they either a) apparently shouldn’t bother to write anything targeting those with “vaginas” and b) that they’re promoting a culture of victimhood (as opposed to you know, equality, empowerment, understanding etc).

          You REALLY seem to hate women mate (based on your above comments and those on any article that discusses society, women or minorities…). Maybe you should look into that? It’s not healthy.

    • – You don’t live on the Gold Coast (sorry intelligent people on the Gold Coast – all 3 of you)
      – You don’t have sleeve tattoos and/or dinner plates in your ears for earrings
      – McDonalds isn’t an everyday event
      – Theme parks aren’t your home away from home
      – You don’t talk about doing an armed holdup with your mates (seriously anyway)
      – Your favourite movie isn’t Conair/Rambo/Fast and the Furious Part xxxxxxx
      – You haven’t been to jail (or gaol if you prefer it spelt/spelled that way)

  • Man, my intelligence is a god dam battlefield……….I’m a big brother who is tall with a cat and a history of recreational drug use………..I’m also right handed, never took music lesions, not exactly thin and I use to smoke. Am I smart?? am I stupid?? who knows??

  • Wait – are you saying people who take drugs are “smart”?

    That’s news to the ambulance crew, nurses, police and doctors treating the latest “genius” to take some unknown pill at a party, currently having a convulsive fit [or a psychotic break].

    • Correct. The author does not make the classic correlation vs causation error, instead he presents the evidence without pushing a causal link. Yes, a reader could mistakenly draw a causal link, but that would mean their IQ is below 109.

  • So who has done the mensa test? If you get less than 90 should you phone someone for help ? “Hello – my shoe laces are undone……. what do I do ?” If you get over 200 should you phone the producer of the US tv show SCORPION and point out all the shows mistakes ? I’m kidding, but I’ll have a go later today…at the test 🙂

  • 4 out of 8, so I am average and smart.

    //Edit: I will be getting a cat (just though for a week because my friend leaves on a well deserved vacation) but I will report If I actually would get any smarter, 5 out of 8 being the end game.

    • I’m a self-taught flutist. The absence of lessons indicates I’m stupid.

      I was also astonished to learn that I somehow function as a design engineer despite being substantially less smart than my my taller, thinner, drug-using older brother (who dropped out of school and sells insurance for a living).

  • Lifehacker is slowly turning into Buzzfeed. I can help. Please change the title of this article to “8 ways you can be smarter when you think you’re dumb.”

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