Deal: Optus’ Best NBN Alternative Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

If you’re on the lookout for a new internet plan and can’t get good, fast NBN, Optus has a new deal that’s well worth considering. For a limited time, you can score three free months of wireless broadband when you sign up for 24 months. That works out to around $63 a month and a saving of $255! Here are the details.

As we’ve oft noted, wireless home broadband is one of the best NBN alternatives on the market right now. Plans that use this technology boast comparable speeds and prices to the NBN – and while data isn’t as generous, the monthly cap has definitely improved.

Optus’ aforementioned $85 plan comes with 500GB. If you’re an online gamer or prolific downloader you may need to look elsewhere, but for everyone else this allowance should be just enough.

As mentioned above, if you sign up to a 24-month contract on this plan, Optus will give you the first three months for free. You can get the deal on a fixed modem plan or with a portable modem for a more traditional mobile broadband plan.

The inclusions are the same on both plans. (Click on the tables below for the full inclusions.)

Not bad, eh? There is one caveat to be mindful of, however. Optus states in the terms and conditions that the offer is “forfeited if you re-contract, change or cancel your service.” So you pretty much need to commit to the 24-month contract if you want to get the free months.

The offer ends on October 1 so you have until the rest of the month to join up. For more information on wireless broadband, click here.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Mobile Broadband Vs Home Wireless: Which Has The Best Plans?” excerpt=”Don’t want a wired internet connection or can’t get one?
For far too many Australians, the NBN has failed to deliver on its promise. If you still waiting to be connected, or can’t get decent speeds in your area, there are two main alternatives worth considering: mobile broadband and home wireless broadband.”]


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