The Coolest Things You Can Ask Your Google Home

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Now that Google Home has been around for a while, an ecosystem is building around the platform. That means the number of apps and hardware that work with Google's digital concierge keeps growing every day. What are some of the things you can ask Google to do for you?

We've looked at some of the cool things you can ask Google Home but Google keeps making their home-based AI smarter.

Google Home Can Multitask

You can combine questions to Google Home. So, rather than asking Google to play some music and then set the volume to 50% in two actions, you can say "Hey Google, play my 80s playlist from Spotify at 50% volume".

Help The Kids 'Cheat' On Maths Homework

"Google, what's 26 times 32".

As well as arithmetic, Google can help with probabilities as you can ask it to roll a die or flip a coin.

That's probably easier than stealing a die from the Monopoly box that's likely hiding in a cupboard somewhere.

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Role-playing Games

We're about to start playing a family game of Dungeons and Dragons, to indoctrinate the youngest members of the family. While we already have a massive stash of dice for playing, we can also use Google Home.

I suspect there will be many calls like "Hey Google, roll 3d20". The Home says okay, we hear a device roll and it replies "It's 13 13 12 for a total of 38".

If you're into traditional games, then simply rolling a normal die or dice is also available.

Universal Translator

I grew up watching Star Trek and was fascinated when, during Start Trek: Enterprise, we saw the evolution and development of the Universal Translator. And while we're not quite there yet for real-time systems, you can ask your Google Home to translate a phrase from English to other languages and back.

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Time To Chill

Google Home works with a number of health and relaxation apps like Headspace

You can say "Hey Google, talk to Headspace" and you'll be guided through a meditation so you can refresh your mind and get back to maximum productivity or help you relax before you hit the sack.

Around The House

Of course, Google Home integrates with your entertainment, assuming you're using compatible gear.

You can ask a Google home to find and play clips from YouTube and music from Spotify, Google Music and others.

If you've got set up your gear to work with Logitech's harmony remotes, you can ask Google to turn those devices on and off as well as just volume, change channels or run sequences of events you've programmed such as firing up the Blu-ray player and setting the inputs and outputs appropriately.

And if you've installed some smart lighting and switching gear, you can control your lights and other devices but issuing a command starting with "Hey Google".

Easter Eggs

Not everything about Google Home is serious. There are a few fun things you can try.

  • "Hey Google, set phasers to stun"
  • "Hey Google, are you SkyNet"
  • "Hey Google, make me a sandwich"

There are heaps of others and it's a fair bet you'll discover your own by trying some ridiculous phrases.

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    If you have google home, you should have to have a sign outside your house: "We don't respect your privacy, we have google"

    Google home, logging every noise heard using machine learning, adding to the google street view, smell and object logging everything outside your house and can tell councils where gas leaks are even, and your wifi password. (which they have been caught hacking several times)

      Hey Google, where's my tinfoil hat?

      Google is watching you @dawesi. Google won't appreciate your views. The drone strikes are incoming. Better put on your best tinfoil hat.

      on a more serious note, smell and object logging? are you a loon?

      You really need to know what you're talking about before you go blerting out crap like that.

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