Update Your iPhone To iOS 12.4.1 Right Now

Update Your iPhone To iOS 12.4.1 Right Now
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While it seems every new iOS update comes with an urgent warning to install it, the latest one, update 12.4.1, from Apple really is crucial. The previous release actually unravelled a previous vulnerability, which this update aims to re-patch up. It may sound confusing and it sorta is. Let us explain a bit further.

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Apple’s latest iOS update, 12.4.1., has just been released and features important security upgrades for iOS devices. The new release fixes “a malicious application may be able to execute arbitrary code with system privileges.” Apple acknowledged security researcher @Pwn20wnd for their assistance in bringing the vulnerability to its attention.

The bizarre thing is this vulnerability was already fixed months ago in May’s 12.3.1 update but just a few months later in July, the 12.4 release accidentally undid the patch. It took Apple around one month to remedy the situation.

The vulnerability left iPhone devices open to jailbreaking, which also causes Apple’s tight security to loosen leaving .

Earlier this month, we reported on another iOS vulnerability brought to light by cybersecurity firm Check Point. It believes Apple’s Contacts app has a major security flaw based on the SQLite database it runs on. Check Point demonstrated it could hack a device using the Contacts vulnerability at 2019 Def Con hacking conference.

While Check Point has said it provided the information to Apple in order to fix up the bug, it’s unclear whether Apple is looking into it.

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