This Couple’s Sleeping Habits Will Stir Pure Anxiety In You

This Couple’s Sleeping Habits Will Stir Pure Anxiety In You
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When you start to share a bed with another human, platonic, romantic or otherwise (I’m sure there’s a third category), it’s a natural tendency to choose to one side and stick to it. That way you can set up a bedside table, fall into your mattress groove and avoid any crusty dried-up dribble your sleep-time co-habitant leaves on their pillow. But some contrarians exist out there in the dark sanctums of the world who refuse to succumb to logic. Twitter just recently discovered one of these anomalies and everyone is freaking out.

Jeff Stein, a Washington Post reporter took to Twitter to describe a disturbing revelation he’d heard from a friend regarding their sleeping habits. The friend admitted they and their partner did not have assigned sides of the bed each night.

Stein later updated the couple only had one nightstand, which housed both their phones overnight while a windowsill holds their water bottles. There was no mention of whether the couple needs to fight over a power point to charge their phone. Where their lip balms are located and whether they share pillows is also unconfirmed.

So, how common is it for sleeping partners to choose one side? About 40 per cent of people from the United States, according to a survey, have always slept on the same side. Once sleeping partners locked in their side of the bed, changing it up was not easy. About 51 per cent of them would prefer to give up the remote control than their side of the bed.

But facts weren’t enough to stop the loud outrage train that ensued once the news was out.

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