Join This Social Network No One’s Ever Heard Of

Join This Social Network No One’s Ever Heard Of
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Twitter, Facebook and whatever Google is hawking this month aren’t the only social media networks in town – they just happen to be the most popular. If you’re keen to try something new (and can convince your friends to follow suit), Sunshine could be worth a look.

The new social network Sunshine looks like yet another Twitter clone, but it’s an extremely minimalist one. In fact, it has no news feed.

ImageYou have reached the end of the internet. (Screenshot: Sunshine)

Instead, Sunshine shows you one post at a time. Once you interact with that post (or click “next”) you won’t see it again. You can see all of a user’s posts on their profile page.

It’s got under a thousand users, and it’s very easy to sign up. Invade it with all your friends and make your own little social network. You can get started here.

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  • This is simultaneously a message to Nick and the creators of Sunshine, although Nick can be forgiven since the Sunshine website is so painfully minimalist, it contains sweet fuck-all: gonna need more information than that before I start handing over personal information, champ. How does it handle privacy? How does it generate revenue? What is their approach to advertisements? Has there been any communication about these deal-breaking matters, or does Team Sunshine sincerely think that their simple interface is enough to achieve mass adoption?

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