Take This Quiz To Learn How To Tip When You Travel

Take This Quiz To Learn How To Tip When You Travel
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Tipping is an unfamiliar concept to many people in Australia. Sure, you might round your restaurant bill to the nearest ten or slip your server a couple extra dollars every now and then, but it works very different in countries like the U.S., where tips make up a portion of service workers’ income. So when you’re travelling in America, how do you know how much to tip?

The Washington Post has a quiz to help you become a savvy travel tipper, and not a stiff. Here’s a sample question:

You take a complimentary shuttle from the rental-car lot to your terminal, and the driver unloads your bag from the bus to the curb. Do you tip?

I got that one wrong, if you’re curious — but I did correctly answer the questions about tipping hotel housekeeping staff!

Quizzes like this can help you decide when it’s appropriate to tip in the U.S. for the next time you travel — and how much extra cash you’ll need to bring with you.

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