How To Save Up For A Holiday Without Cancelling Your Social Life

How To Save Up For A Holiday Without Cancelling Your Social Life

If you’re constantly wanting to go on holiday but you blow your money on social gatherings (and dumplings), trust me – you’re not alone. At some stage though, you have to start knuckling down if you want the best of both worlds.

We’ve partnered with BPAY to help you stay on top of your bills through four life stages.

So, if you’re determined to explore the big wide world but you also don’t want to stay at home like a hermit while you save, here are some pro tips for you that might just help.

Plan low-cost social engagements

Did you know that some social circles do this thing where they hang out without spending the equivalent of a house deposit? I know. I didn’t believe it either.

But it is possible – instead of going out to dinner or to your local watering hole, organise a games night or a pot luck dinner. You’ll save some coin while also getting a dose of that sweet, sweet human interaction.

Sort your bills as soon as you get paid

It’s very easy to think you’re a millionaire whenever payday rolls around because your bank account looks heftier than usual, but don’t forget that bills must be paid.

You can organise scheduled payments for your bills using services like BPAY from within your online banking. By getting the bills out the way early, you’ll get a clearer idea of the money you have to play with.

Look for cheap flights immediately

It’s much easier to warrant hanging out with mates more often if you know you don’t have to save $4000 for a holiday.

Set up some notifications for when sites have serious price drops and just hang tight. If you’re lucky, the flight you’ve been eyeing off will go down and you’ll save a pretty penny.

Set a limit on nights out

If you have the self-control of an adult (lucky), you should be able to set yourself a budget when you go out on the town.

If that’s not your forté, try leaving your card at home and only taking out a (safe) amount of cash.

Take up cooking lessons and visit your folks more often

The better you get at cooking, the more likely you are to invite people around to boast those same skills.

You don’t have to be a pro chef by any stretch but as long as you can chuck some pasta on the boil you should be sweet. Or, if you truly are a culinary dud, visit your parents and swipe their leftovers.

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