Google Is Trialling A New ‘Chrome Explore’ Tab

Google Is Trialling A New ‘Chrome Explore’ Tab
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Google has announced a new Chrome for Android feature dubbed the ‘Explore tab’. As its name suggests, this is a mobile browser tool that suggests bespoke articles based on your reading habits – which should sound very familiar to most you. Here’s how to get it right now.

As reported by Android Police, the Explore tab is likely to be added to Chrome’s mobile tab switcher in a future update. (You can also try it right now by installing Chrome Dev – more on which below.)

It’s essentially a new way to receive Google’s recommended articles; a big list of ‘personalised content’ suggested by Google. This feature is already present in the Google app, the mobile edition of and blank tabs on Chrome for Android (to name just a few examples). As Android Police notes, this latest version is identical to Chrome’s New Tab page on mobile with no extra modes or features.

If you’re keen to have an additional way to access this content, here are the steps:

  1. Install Chrome Canary – Google’s raw and unfinished browser – or the slightly more stable Chrome Dev
  2. Set #enable-two-panes-start-launcher in chrome://flags to ‘Enabled
  3. Set Chrome Duet (#enable-chrome-duet) to ‘Disabled‘ and the tab grid layout (#enable-tab-grid-layout) to ‘Enabled

It’s not quite as essential as Chrome’s recent Incognito Mode update, but if you like having articles passively fed to you like the print mags of old, it’s a handy feature to have.

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[Via Android Police]

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