Melt Cheese In Crunchy Taco Shells To Keep Them From Splitting

Melt Cheese In Crunchy Taco Shells To Keep Them From Splitting
Photo: Claire Lower

They go by many names. “Crispy tacos,” “Anglo tacos,” and even “mum tacos,” but no matter what you call them, the tacos with the crunchy corn shell offer a unique, somewhat frustrating, home dining experience. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded shell split.

Warming them up in the oven helps. The heat gets all those oils activated, making the shell a bit more pliable and a little less prone to breakage. But if you really want to fortify the structure of your sour cream and seasoned beef delivery system, melt a little cheese in the shell before filling it.

Orange cheese on an orange shell is hard to see, but it’s in there! (Photo: Claire Lower)

This idea — which comes from Reddit user u/hyteck9 — is good because it gives me an excuse to put more cheese on my taco, but it’s also good because it works. Though my shell did break a little bit, the fractures occurred along the top of the shell; the bottom, which was made extra pliable by extra fat from the cheese, stayed intact until the last bite.

Using cheese as shell glue is easy. Sprinkle a little bit of shredded stuff along the bottom, and prop it up along the edge of an oven-safe vessel (I used a cast iron pan). Bake at 180 degrees Celsius until the cheese is melted, then fill as usual — with more shredded cheese — and enjoy.

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