Lunchtime Deal: Get 25% Off KFC Delivery Orders!

Lunchtime Deal: Get 25% Off KFC Delivery Orders!
Image: KFC

For a strictly limited time, online delivery service Menulog is offering 25 per cent off KFC orders. There’s no minimum spend or annoying hoops to jump through – all you need is a credit card and the discount code. Here are the details!

When it comes to greasy lunchtime fare, there are few meals that can top KFC – especially when it’s going for 25% off. As mentioned, there’s no minimum spend and you can order anything you like off the menu.

Just bear in mind that Menulog charges $8.95 per delivery – so if you’re just grabbing a snack pack it’s probably not worth it. (Then again, getting KFC delivered to your desk will make your colleagues envious – so maybe the surcharge is worth it.)

To get the deal, simply head to MenuLog , find the nearest KFC store and use the code ‘Kfc25’ at checkout. (Note: Not all KFC outlets are participating in this promotion.)

Now the only thing to do is decide what to order. We’re partial to those super-soft KFC Tenders, but more adventurous diners may want to scarf the colossal Triple Stacker burger instead. (If you’re the boss, order a few buckets for the team – they definitely deserve it. I’m pretty much talking directly to my manager here. Do it. Do it now!)

Click here to get the deal!

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