Minimise Food Waste With These Refrigeration Hacks

Spoiler alert! This video will keep your food from going bad.

Far too often your milk spoils while the Coke in the back freezes and the can explodes.vSo we put together a visual guide (a video, if you will) of the most efficient way to organise your fridge and freezer.

The main things to remember are that the door is the warmest part of the fridge. Also, anything you need to use up should be kept in the front and in easy eyesight.

Oh also, take extra precautions with raw meat juice.


  • Some very good suggestions. Of particular interest was to fill excess space in the freezer with water.

    I store avocados in the fridge for a few days without degradation. Good avocados are rock hard in the shop, and all about the same ripeness. If you do not need them to ripen up at the same time, pop a few in the fridge.

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