How To Fix Pokemon Go’s Latest Frame Rate Glitch On Some Android Phones

According to a slew of Reddit posts and Twitter threads, the most recent Pokemon Go update (version 0.151.0) has reportedly introduced a bug that affects phones with higher refresh rates. Depending on your preferences, this could cause a noticeable drop in quality for your Pokemon-hunting experience.

Players using a Razer Phone or One Plus 7 Pro were previously able to play the game at higher frame rates:

Now, the game appears to be locked at 30fps regardless of your fancy phone’s specs:

As Android Police points out, you can restore support for higher refresh rates by rolling back the Pokemon Go app to version 0.151.0, but this trick will only work for a limited time. Older versions eventually stop working, and you’ll be forced to upgrade if you wish to keep playing.

Still, if you want to give it a shot:

  1. Uninstall Pokemon Go by long-pressing on the app’s icon from the launcher screen, then tapping App Info > Uninstall App. Alternatively, you can drag the app to the top of the screen and place it in the trashcan icon.

  2. Download Pokemon Go version 0.151.0 from a trusted source, like APK Mirror

  3. Once the download is finished, tap the file to begin the installation. You may need to allow for installations from unknown sources to proceed.

  4. When the app has been reinstalled, launch it and high refresh rate support should be restored.

Interestingly enough, some players are praising the bug. We’re not big into Pokemon Go, but apparently playing at higher refresh rates can make catching Pokemon a bit trickier:

If, or when, Niantic fixes this bug and restores support for high refresh rates, you can actually set up a Tasker profile that can automatically drop the game’s frame rate to a lower value when you pull it up — like 60fps — to make it a little easier to toss your Pokeballs exactly how you want.


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