Enjoy These Heirloom Apple Reviews By Author Chuck Wendig

You do not have to be a capital-F Food Writer to write excellently about food, an enthusiasm for the subject and a way with words is enough. Case in point: bestselling author Chuck Wendig’s yearly heirloom apple reviews — a vastly entertaining and thoroughly educational romp through the world of apples.


“This is a marry apple, not a fuck apple.” Honestly, that is the best sentence I’ve ever read about apples, and I am jealous I didn’t write it. Besides opening my eyes to the vast and varied universe of heirloom apples, these reviews are a bright spot in the dark and dank morass that is my Twitter timeline, and you should smash that follow button (unless you’re already following him, in which case don’t smash anything, as you might accidentally unfollow him).


Chuck started this year’s review earlier this month, so you have a little catching up to do, but don’t worry, we are early days here, leaving you plenty of time to hang out in Apple Prison, discovering new and exciting apples (and maybe making Apple Prison wine?).


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