Taste Test: Are Fake-Meat Burgers Finally As Good As Beef?

Image: Alex Walker

The humble veggie burger has come a long way in the past few years. With the rise of the ambitiously named “Impossible” and “Beyond” burgers, many people are wondering if these meat substitutes are finally convincing enough to replace real beef at a summer cookout.

So we got our hands on a beef burger, an Impossible burger, and a Beyond burger and had the Lifehacker staff taste and grade them.

Visually, many thought that the Impossible burger looked more like meat than the actual meat (it is developed to be red in the middle and bleed). The Beyond burger was very clearly fake meat from the first look. However, taste is where these plant-based patties shine.

Do you prefer beef because it tastes like beef, or are you open to something with a slightly different flavour profile than you’re used to?

In the video below, check out the staff’s analysis of the burgers and the final taste test scores.


    *sigh* videos. Just tell us in an article :(

    I've tried a couple.

    They don't taste like meat or have a texture similar to meat.

    They are nice on their own but it's quite obvious its not real meat from the texture and taste.

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