5 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter

5 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter
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We’re all trying to keep our energy bills to a minimum, but if you’re sick of waddling around the house layered up like a Michelin Man this winter, here are a few simple home hacks to decrease your energy costs and maximise the efficiency of your home heating.

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#1 Turn off appliances when not in use

Take a quick look around the house and count how many appliances are on standby mode. How many televisions, computers, phone chargers, coffee machines, kettles and more can you find switched on but not being used? Each appliance continues to draw a small amount of electricity all day long, even when it’s not being used. Get into the habit of switching appliances off at the power source when not in use.

#2 Wash clothes in cold water and dry naturally

A cold-water wash is just as efficient as hot water and is gentler on your clothes. Check your machine for economy wash cycles and ditch the clothes dryer. Utilise the sun and wind to dry your clothes on a clothesline or use a clothes airer to dry undercover or indoors. Not a fan of the ‘Chinese laundry’ look? Bring your airer into the lounge when you go to bed – the warmth from your heating will linger and help your clothes dry while you sleep.

#3 Use your blinds or curtains to retain warmth

Just as you insulate the walls and ceilings in your home to prevent heat transference, you can help minimise the significant amount of heating lost through your windows and glass doors by closing your blinds and curtains. Completely covering the glass with close-fitting blockout blinds or lined curtains can greatly improve the retention of warmth in the room.

#4 Create an energy-friendly garden

You may not have considered how your garden can help keep your home warmer in winter, but it can make quite a difference. Planting deciduous trees on the northern and western sides of your home allow the winter sun to penetrate through glass doors and windows, warming the house on sunny days. In summer the leaves block the sun’s rays, so your home is shaded and therefore cooler.

#5 Choose an energy provider committed to helping consumers reduce their energy usage

Some energy providers like Simply Energy provide useful tips on ways to reduce your energy usage. There is even a tool to analyse exactly where your home uses most of its energy. The free Energy Checkup tool is designed to help you understand how energy is being used in your home so that you can become more efficient.

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